Available for desktop sync: fonts from Just Another Foundry

When we first announced desktop font sync for the Creative Cloud, we mentioned eight top-tier foundries that would be included at launch, and posted about each of their offerings in subsequent weeks. Today we’ll continue the series with an addition to that fine collection of type: Just Another Foundry.

JAF Facit


Specimen courtesy of Just Another Foundry. Click image for complete specimen PDF.

Facit has long been a favorite among Typekit users. It renders impeccably on screen, as it was designed to do: designer Tim Ahrens optimized the letter forms and proportions to work at small sizes, and manually hinted each font style to make sure the typeface performs well in Windows environments.

These optimizations were made specifically for the web, but Facit is also a workhorse for print and graphic design. And unlike with most typefaces, the design differs between web and desktop versions. Tim describes the changes made when redesigning Facit for the web:

Compared to the original design, the x-height was increased and the descenders shortened. The bold version in particular is somewhat lighter and wider – the increased counters aid legibility particularly on screen.


Facit in green, Facit Web in gray.

Typekit serves the appropriate versions of Facit to their respective intended media: Facit to desktop, and Facit Web to web. Keep these design differences in mind when mocking up web designs in Photoshop.

JAF Bernini Sans Condensed


Bernino Sans Condensed above; Bernina Sans Condensed below.

Released last year at Typekit for the web, Bernini Sans is made up of two sibling typefaces: Bernino Sans and Bernina Sans. The two are distinguishable by a set of lowercase alternates: the a, g, i, k, and y. The Condensed width of both alternate sets are available for desktop sync for Creative Cloud members. The alternate glyphs are also available as OpenType features in both sets, allowing you to mix and match Bernino and Bernina without having to switch fonts.


Bernina Sans Condensed is accessible as Stylistic Alternates of Bernino Sans Condensed, and vice versa.

Below is a complete list of the font families from Just Another Foundry that are available for desktop sync. If you haven’t already, sign up for the pre-release today!

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  1. Facit is nice. Why doesn’t desktop sync include the light version of the font though?

    1. Ivan Bettger says:

      Not all fonts have been licensed for desktop sync. Typekit’s selection of sync fonts will continue to grow as we license new fonts. In the meantime, Facit Light is available from JAF directly: http://justanotherfoundry.com/facit

  2. Jeff Branch says:

    Facit is one of my favorites. 🙂

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