Sites We Like: Cotton Bureau and Hiut Denim

There’s no comfort quite like an old pair of jeans and your favorite t-shirt. In this week’s sites we like, here are two companies whose artful philosophies towards making classic clothing carry over into solid website design as well.

Cotton Bureau website

Cotton Bureau serves up a bright, attractive website and an innovative model for t-shirt sales, resulting in a delightful t-shirt gallery sure to tempt anyone with a taste for design and technology. Text is set in Futura PT, which fits right in with the bold color palette of the background image and the easy approachability of the copy itself.

Hiut Denim website

Based in the Welsh town of Cardigan, Hiut Denim continues a legacy of denim work that’s lasted for three decades—and they’ll make a killer pair of jeans for you in the process. Their website demonstrates a careful, understated personality fitting to their craft, with Calluna carrying this attitude to the headings; Nimbus Sans works well as a sans-serif counterpart for clean body text throughout. Sharp readers of this blog may recall that we liked their previous site design as well.

That’s it for this week’s sites; share sites you like in the comments!

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  1. Matt says:

    I love the Cotton Bureau design. Really effective background image!

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