Sites We Like: Burger Anarchy and Budnitz Bicycles

Let’s round out the week on a lighter note with some burgers and bicycles.

Screenshot from Burger Anarchy

If websites were hamburgers and fonts were the fixings, Burger Anarchy would be a challenge to eat neatly, packed as it is with five different typefaces. Octin Sports leads the typographic aesthetic, taking position front and center in the site’s bold header and top-level navigation. Main body text appears in Chaparral, while Metallophile Sp8 appears for the majority of headings. If that wasn’t spicy enough, they also add in Grad and Expressway for additional navigation and sidebar text. The site may actually make you hungry with their reviews and recipes for all manner of burgers, but you won’t be lacking for typographic inspiration.

Screenshot from Budnitz Bicycles homepage

View a gallery of beautiful, lightweight city bicycles by designer and creative entrepreneur Paul Budnitz on Budnitz Bicycles. FF DIN is a great choice of typeface for the restrained design of this page, carrying just enough weight to command attention but letting the visuals do most of the communicating. Purchase a license for FF DIN directly from FontShop, and we’ll host it for you along with your other fonts.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

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