New fonts: Rooney Sans, Freight Display & Big, Krete, Iskra, and updated styles of Bree

We’ve added many new fonts to the Typekit library — muscular and stylish seriffed faces, energetic sans serifs, and improved variations of TypeTogether’s Bree.

Top to bottom: Rooney Sans Regular, Black, Bold Italic (source text)

Jan Fromm’s Rooney Sans is the new, unseriffed sibling of his popular Rooney. Nimble, well-balanced, and available in twelve styles (from Light to Black, with italics), Rooney Sans is a rounded face that doesn’t feel goofy or incomplete. It sets especially well as large body text and midsize headings.

Freight Big Pro Light Italic, Freight Display Pro Bold

Two more members of the Freight family are now on Typekit — Freight Display and Freight Big, designed specifically for use at large sizes and served with PostScript-based outlines for smooth Windows rendering. Acute, stylish, and able to complement an array of text faces.

Top to bottom: Krete Regular, Black, Book Italic

Equal parts clunky and precise, Krete is a muscular and extremely handy seriffed face. The bluntly cut forms of its Regular provide an even texture in body text, with lowercase characters weighted to encourage the horizontal motion of reading. Available in six weights, with italics.

Iskra Bold and Medium Italic

TypeTogether’s chewy, tangy Iskra is a cosmopolitan, brush-inspired sans. Its italics wobble and flow like underwater plants, and its uprights can barely contain their exuberance. Iskra is a fun face with a forgiving rhythm that can accommodate lengthy headings and subheads.

Bree Bold in IE8 on Windows 7, with GDI ClearType rendering

Even more from TypeTogether: six styles of Bree (Light, Regular, and Bold, with obliques) have been manually TrueType hinted for crisp rendering at small sizes on Windows. These hinted Bree variations are excellent for wayfinding text like navigation, sidebar headings, and pull quotes. If you’re already using Bree, just republish your kits to receive the latest files.

We hope you enjoy using these new typefaces. If you’ve never given Typekit a try, sign up (it’s free!) and upgrade to a paid plan whenever you’re ready.

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