Hamilton Wood Type needs your help

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The historic Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum is being forced to shut its doors, and needs your help in finding and moving its vast collection to a new location where it can open them again. From the museum’s press release:

Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum will no longer reside in the building that bears its name. The property owners recently informed the museum that the 1619 Jefferson St. building in Two Rivers, Wisconsin will close and must be vacated, perhaps as early as February 2013. Hamilton Wood Type is urgently seeking donations to address this sudden need and to protect its vast collection of wood type, antique printing equipment and rare type specimen catalogs. The museum’s director Jim Moran, artistic director Bill Moran and assistant director Stephanie Carpenter remain committed to transitioning to a new space. [Read the full press release.]

Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum houses one of the world’s largest collections of wood type, with over 1.5 million specimens. Read more about their history and continued efforts in preserving, producing, and teaching about wood type. And check out HWT American Chromatic, a collaboration between Hamilton Wood Type Foundry and P22 Type Foundry, here at Typekit.

Please join Typekit and Adobe in donating, volunteering, and spreading the word.

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  1. Kickstart this! I’m sure you’ll get many replies!


  2. Brad Shaw says:

    Yeah, I concur, Kickstarter would be perfect for this. It would also be a great way for them to get more of their specimens turned into web fonts which could help fund them. There are some great typography projects already on Kickstarter that have done quite well so I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t.

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