Sites We Like: The Arm Letterpress, Farmigo, and Pixelivery

A letterpress studio, farm-fresh food, and pixellated tees in this week’s sites we like.

The Arm Letterpress is a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that has a variety of workshops and classes as well as press time available to the public. Both the navigation and the slideshow headlines are set in the elegant (and versatile) Freight Sans, which pairs neatly with FF Tisa in the body.

Farmigo helps farmers across the country bring fresh, locally-grown food to their communities. Museo’s good-natured and sturdy form goes hand-in-hand with the site’s cheerful illustrations and bright color.

And United Pixelworkers are bringing style to your wardrobe as well as your website with Pixelivery, choosing classic Futura PT for the same fun, bold expression as their iconic designs.

That’s all for this week; share sites that you like in the comments.

Liz Galle

When I’m not helping our users get the most out of Adobe Fonts, I'm trying to get better at Keynote. I live, work, & knit in Massachusetts.

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