Trajan Pro replaced by new, improved Trajan Pro 3

The original version of Trajan is no longer available in the Typekit library. Earlier this year, Adobe Type released Trajan Pro 3 — a new, improved version of Trajan with four additional weights and extended language support. If you were planning to use Trajan in a project, try Trajan Pro 3. You can read more about Trajan Pro 3 in the blog post announcing its arrival at Typekit.

If you already have the retired version of Trajan in a kit, it will continue to work forever unless you remove it from the kit. You can make changes to the kit and republish normally. Trajan will not be automatically removed from existing kits or cease to show up in designs where it is being used. But for newly created kits, only the newer Trajan Pro 3 will be available.

As always, the Typekit team is available to answer questions via

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  1. Eddie Sutton says:

    Very exciting news! My concern is that every weight of the new Trajan Pro 3 is heavier (in k-size) than each of the weights in the old/original version of Trajan. While total k-size of a website may not be a concern for some, it is for me! I would expect a new-and-improved version to include a leaner weight for the web font – or at least no additional weight. Would also be a great feature to be able to simply swap a web font for an existing one without having to recreate all the selectors – that would be a HUGE improvement!

  2. Great news. Great improvements although I have to agree its heavier than before but I don’t really mind. Keep up the good work guys!

  3. Dragan Poljak says:

    It’s a matter of personal taste. I liked the old version better.

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