Sites we like: Harper’s Magazine and Food Studio

Good reads and good food in this week’s sites we like.

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Harper’s Magazine, the oldest general interest monthly in America, relaunches with a classic combination of Franklin Gothic URW and Adobe Caslon; the latter can feel a bit anachronistic on screen, but here manages to convey Harper’s history without resorting to nostalgia.

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Food Studio pairs the prim and proper Minion with the hip Futura PT, for a look that’s elegant but casual. Minion’s sturdy and reliable at text sizes, but relaxes a bit when used in headlines.

That’s all for this week! Share sites that you like in the comments!

2 Responses

  1. I just redid my portfolio site at using Jubilat and Nimbus Sans Condensed, from the TypeKit library.

  2. I responsively re-built which uses FF Enzo from TypeKit throughout. Lots of type-level tweaks for readability optimization across devices if you like to explore those sort of details.

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