Sites we like: The City Foundry, Industry City Distillery, and WordCamp San Francisco

Booze, machinery, and the state of the word in this week’s sites we like.

The City Foundry

The City Foundry is a research and design group focused on improving small-scale manufacturing processes through the blending of science and art. The adaptive design harks back to old-school classifieds and manages to feel both diverse and cohesive with the use of one superfamily (and two typefaces): Proxima Nova and Proxima Nova Extra Condensed.

Industry City Distillery

Also from The City Foundry is Industry City Distillery, a distillery making sugar beet vodka in Brooklyn’s old Bush Terminal. Here, Atrament and Franklin Gothic URW team up for a retro-industrial feel.

WordCamp San Francisco

Finally, WordCamp San Francisco sports the lovely Brandon Grotesque. Note the subtle use of text shadows on the sidebar and (hovered) navigation.

That’s all for this week; share sites that you like in the comments, or peruse the Gallery for more inspiration.

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