Jubilat display styles from Darden Studio

Today we’re happy to announce that several display weights of Darden Studio’s Jubilat are now available in the Typekit library. Jubilat Extra Light, Extra Light Italic, Black, and Black Italic are best used large, so we serve them with PostScript-based outlines for smooth rendering across browsers. These styles of Jubilat make for striking headlines, and pair beautifully with other typefaces.

Jubilat Extra Light with Freight Sans Bold Italic and Medium (source text)

Freight Sans and Jubilat make a marvelously complex and handsome pair. Freight’s stoicism folds into Jubilat’s wistfulness, yielding feelings of simplicity, strength, and thoughtfulness.

Jubilat Extra Light and Extra Light Italic with Omnes Bold Italic

Omnes and Jubilat share a similar exuberance, grace, and homey familiarity. Like gifted children, the faces nearly burst with potential. Omnes wants to know if Jubilat can come out and play, but Jubilat has to go to piano lessons.

Jubilat Black Italic with Kepler Italic and Proxima Nova Alt Regular (source text)

Kepler and Jubilat are in many ways dissonant, but in their offset personalities we find features that invite coexistence; such as the influence of upright stress in letterforms, the tilt of strokes’ top edges, or formal similarities like the calf muscle of the capital “R”. To emphasize these similarities, add a stock sans to the mix — like Proxima Nova Alt.

Explore these new styles of Jubilat with a Portfolio plan or higher. If you’re already a Portfolio plan customer, enjoy the new fonts! If you’ve never given Typekit a try, sign up — it’s free! Upgrading is easy, whenever you’re ready.

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  1. Alex Press says:

    This is my favorite font YET… and that is a HUGE complement 🙂

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