Sites we like: Fuzzco, Davor Vrankic, Strange Native, Lefft, and Gidsy

Get your weekend off on the right foot with an extra large sites we like.

Fuzzco, designers of the previously featured Kickin’ Chicken, return with a striking new design for themselves. Droid Serif and Proxima Nova team up with an all red palette for a design you can’t help but notice. Be sure to resize your browser window to see the responsive design in action.

On the other end of the color spectrum, the site for Davor Vrankić is nearly absent of color, but rich in texture. FF Meta Serif and FF Meta are an obvious pairing, and they perform expertly in the simple, art-forward design.

Meanwhile, Strange Native uses Chaparral and FacitWeb. Chaparral’s lesser-seen bold weight is beautifully expressive in this large setting, while FacitWeb’s no-nonsense personality provides the perfect foil. And don’t let go of the corner of your browser window just yet, as this is another excellent responsive design.

Elsewhere, Lefft breaks out of the minimalist vibe and shows how to use a lot of fonts to great effect. Tangerine, Chunk, Cronos, Atrament, and more, combine with CSS image masks for a delightfully quirky (and, yes, responsive) design.

And last but not least, Gidsy has some advice for making the perfect listing, delivered with Nimbus Sans and a spectacular series of vertical scroll effects. Skippy Sharp steps in here and there for a bit of handwritten encouragement, while Adobe Garamond serves for body text.

That’s all for this week; as always, share sites that you like in the comments.

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  1. Love Paddy Donnelly’s Lefft site… and not just because he has an illustration of a gorilla on the homepage 😉

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