Audio from the New York Web Fonts Roundtable

Many thanks to everyone who attended Wednesday’s Web Fonts Roundtable, and especially to our esteemed panelists (Jeffrey Veen, Jason Santa Maria, Nick Sherman, and Christian Schwartz) and co-sponsor Webtype. Download the audio or listen below.

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  1. Mother of 2 and No More says:

    Hi, I’m sorry to say, Type Kit is not the friendliest. How do I go about removing the Type Kit icon at the bottom of my wordpress blog? I thought I had removed it (about a year ago) but somehow it has popped up again. It’s very annoying and I’d really like to have that icon disappear.

    I am not using any fonts from Type Kit and have tried asking the people at wordpress as to how to remove that icon but they have no clue either. Is this a glitch in your programming? Please advise on how to remove it. I am at my wits end about it.

  2. Ryan Munger says:

    If you’re using the free account the TypeKit badge is required.

    If you are using a paid account, you can remove your badge by unchecking the box that says “Enable Colophon Badge”.

    To find this option on an existing “Kit”, click “Launch Kit Editor” on the top right of your dashboard. Once your Kit pops window pops up Click “Kit Settings” on the top right. Once there, you can either enable or disable your colophon badge.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Mother of 2 and No More says:

    Ryan, by “free account” are you referring to the free wordpress account or free type kit? If you mean type kit, I am not using type kit (unless it is the default wordpress is using for very basic fonts). I had signed up for type kit a long time ago just to see what it was all about only to find that for just fun blogging, I didn’t need it. I canceled my registration and was able to remove the icon but it is now back (like a bad dream).

    Anyway, I am using the free wordpress blog so if it is because of that then I’ll have to figure something out.

    I appreciate the quick reply. Thank you.

    1. Mandy Brown says:

      You can uninstall Typekit from WordPress (and remove the badge) by logging into your WordPress blog, going to Appearance > Typekit fonts, removing the Kit ID from that page and clicking “update.” If you have any trouble with that, just drop a line to

    2. Ryan Munger says:

      Yeah, what Mandy said 🙂

  4. Mother of 2 and No More says:

    Thanks, Mandy. That was simple.

    I know it was just a small little icon in the corner but for some reason it was distracting to me.

    Again, thanks to you and Ryan. You guys are great!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Lots of buffering, but no audio. :/

    1. Mandy Brown says:

      Try downloading the file instead.

  6. If you downloaded the file, but it wouldn’t open in iTunes, omit the “mp3” suffix. File is named with 2 suffixes: “web-fonts-roundtable.m4a.mp3”. Changing it to m4a only solved it for me.

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