Featured site: The New Yorker on Facebook

This week, the New Yorker offered their Facebook fans exclusive access to Jonathan Franzen’s essay on David Foster Wallace. Through the New Yorker’s partnership with Typekit, Facebook users were presented with an article that reflected the magazine’s quintessential look, featuring their classic typeface, NY Irvin.

Screenshot of the New Yorker article on Facebook

As content on the web continues to disperse — moving from the desktop, to the mobile phone, tablet, and across social networks — web fonts can provide a consistent, branded experience no matter where a user encounters your content. Publishers get instant brand recognition, while users benefit from an elegant, crafted typographic experience: a win for all.

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  1. Slide Buddy says:

    I love that with the typeface, it feels so authentically like the New Yorker. I do certainly wish they provide continous free content, because if that’s the case I might just use my FB more often.

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