New Web FontFonts available

Today we’re happy to announce the availability of 15 new Web FontFonts, including FF More, FF Sanuk, and FF Spinoza. In addition to these new families, many existing FontFont fonts have received subtle rendering and metrics improvements. Just republish your kit for the latest files.

Top to bottom: FF More Condensed Light, FF Sanuk Thin Italic, FF More Bold, and FF Spinoza Regular

FF Spinoza Regular at 16px, 14px, 13px. Left, on Mac OS X. Right, on Win 7 (GDI ClearType).

One of Typekit’s earliest and closest partners, FontFont offers many excellent typefaces via our subscription library — just choose a plan, pick a FontFont, and go. However, even more typefaces are available for individual or package licensing at the new, and these can be hosted on Typekit with any of our plans (including our Free Plan).

When you purchase a one-time web license for type families or individual typefaces at FontFont, you’ll receive a link to activate your fonts on Typekit. Then, you can use them just as you would fonts from our subscription library. You can even mix Web FontFonts in the same kits as Typekit library fonts. It’s easy, and all of your fonts stay organized on Typekit in a special “My Library” tab. Here’s how it works.

The My Library tab organizes fonts you’ve licensed outside of Typekit

Typekit’s subscription library is a solid foundation. But as you “choose your library of faces slowly and well,” as Robert Bringhurst puts it, remember to think outside the library, too. By bringing fonts to Typekit, as well as finding go-to typefaces we already offer, you can cultivate your own personal type library.

5 Responses

  1. That ‘My Library’ teaser begs for additional tabs ‘In My Kits’ and ‘My Favorites’.

  2. Dalton says:

    Great news! We’re using FF Meta, is that one of the ones that has been improved?

  3. Luke Jones says:

    That’s amazing! Everything FontFont makes me happy.

  4. Josh Byers says:

    I’m not seeing any of these new fonts available on the typekit site.

    I’m on the Portfolio plan so I should have access to every font you offer.

    Are they only available if you purchase them from FontFont?

    1. Tim Brown says:

      That’s right Josh. You can augment your Portfolio subscription with a wider selection of FontFont fonts. The typefaces mentioned in this post can be licensed at and hosted on Typekit at no additional cost.

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