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We are excited to announce that, beginning today, over 180 of Adobe’s Web Fonts are available through Extensis’ WebINK web font service. Those of you who already use WebINK have some fantastic new fonts from which to choose. And for the rest of you who are not yet using Adobe fonts on your web pages, you now have more great ways to get started with Adobe Web Fonts.

The set of 186 fonts includes 22 brand new Adobe Web Fonts. These new fonts are available through both of our partners, WebINK and Typekit, and adds three new families to the Adobe Web Font collection.

Sanvito is an upright script typeface designed by Adobe’s Principal Type Designer, Robert Slimbach. It was designed to combine the spontaneity and liveliness of calligraphic writing with the clarity and practicality of a more formal typeface. Since its release in 1993, Sanvito has been used for display settings as well as informal purposes such as correspondence, flyers, and letterheads. This release includes four fonts from the Sanvito Pro family.


Also included in this release are eight fonts from the Kepler Std family. Kepler is a contemporary type family designed by Robert Slimbach in the tradition of classic, modern 18th century typefaces. Modern typefaces are known for their cool academic quality, but Slimbach’s Kepler captures the modern style in a humanistic manner. It is elegant and refined, with a hint of oldstyle proportion and calligraphic detail that gives it warmth and energy.


Brioso, another typeface created by Robert Slimbach, is designed in the calligraphic tradition. It emulates a finely-penned Roman and italic script, retaining the immediacy of hand lettering while having the scope and functionality of a contemporary composition family. Brioso blends the humanity of written forms with the clarity of digital design, allowing designers to set pages of refined elegance. Seven fonts from the Brioso Pro family are included in this release.

Brioso Pro


Although not a new family in the Adobe Web Font collection, this release includes three more fonts from the Myriad Pro family (Myriad Pro Light SemiCondensed Italic, Myriad Pro Bold SemiCondensed Italic and Myriad Pro Black SemiCondensed Italic). This brings the number of web fonts available in this popular family to thirty.

We look forward to seeing these new Adobe Web Fonts on the web and welcome WebINK as an Adobe Web Fonts partner. To learn more about Adobe Web Fonts, visit our Adobe Web Fonts page.

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  1. Gerardo Iula says:

    The webfonts are a great idea, but they have all one big problem: the browser draw them, but they are ugly on mac, ipad and Win7 because the OS do not do the anti-aliasing as do for system fonts!

    1. Christopher Slye says:

      Web fonts get the same anti-aliasing as system fonts in browsers on both Mac OS and Windows. The only significant difference is that system fonts often receive much more design and engineering attention than others. The ubiquitous Microsoft system fonts like Verdana and Georgia, for example, have been “super hinted,” which is a relatively massive undertaking that most font foundries don’t do. These fonts will look pretty good at small sizes on Windows even with smoothing turned off, but almost nothing else will. (Mac OS ignores font hinting, so it’s not an issue there.)

      Adobe Web Fonts, like all Adobe desktop fonts, are designed and built to very high standards, so aside from the super-hinted OS fonts, they should look about as good as anything on the web (depending on the nature of the design itself, of course).

      Make sure font smoothing is enabled for best results. See our previous blog posts here and here for more information on platform/browser font smoothing.

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