Typekit support for Firefox 4

The new Firefox 4 is out of beta and looking sharp. New interface improvements accompany improved tools for private browsing, accessing frequently visited pages, and more. Plus, major performance upgrades make it noticeably speedier. As of this writing, it’s been downloaded over ten million times.

Typekit has supported Firefox 4 throughout the beta period, so newer kits will work on the full release automatically. Older kits (those published before August 2010) need to republish to get the latest browser support.

As always, Typekit continues to keep a close eye on new browsers and devices to keep your fonts looking beautiful, everywhere.

5 Responses

  1. Mattia Forza says:

    Your service is great as usual, thanks for the prompt update!

  2. What about the OpenType features in Firefox 4? Any plans to support this directly in the font file and CSS generator?

    1. Tim Ahrens says:

      Typekit preserves all OpenType features in the font. So, choosing “All Characters” in the kit editor, you will get the same glyphs and OT features as the corresponding desktop font, and you can use them with Firefox 4. If you use the “Default” character set, however, the font will be reduced to Latin-1 only, which does not include most glyphs used by OT features.

  3. Xue Faith says:

    Our WordPress/Typekit blog is not working on Firefox 4. How do we “republish”? I hope you don’t mean we have to republish every single blog post?

    1. Mandy Brown says:

      You don’t need to republish your blog posts; you need to republish your _kit_. Just log in at http://typekit.com, launch your Kit Editor (it’s the big green button at top left), and click the “publish” button. Your site should be updated within a few minutes. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to support@typekit.com.

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