Sites we like: Infinvision, SimpleBits, United Pixelworkers

Some less commonly seen fonts appear in this week’s sites we like.

Screenshot of Infinvision home page

Infinvision uses Calluna and Le Monde Journal for wayfinding and FF Tisa for text. Calluna’s italic is elegant, but neighborly; while Le Monde Journal’s roman is dependable in all caps. The result is a site that is warm and authoritative, without being officious.

Screenshot of

SimpleBits is the tiny creative studio of Dan Cederholm. FF Milo Web serves up headings, navigation, and body text, showcasing its versatility. Note the subtle use of an italic ampersand in the tagline.

Screenshot of United Pixelworkers

United Pixelworkers is an unspoken alliance of web workers dedicated to building a better internet. Hellenic Wide lends a retro look, while slim white text-shadows suggest the type is stamped in to the background.

That’s all for today! Share sites that you like in the comments.

3 Responses

  1. Rydgel says:

    Too bad FF Milo Web is not on Typekit anymore 😦
    Did you remove it ?

    1. Mandy Brown says:

      FF Milo isn’t in the library, but you can buy it from FontShop and bring it into your Typekit account. Here’s how.

  2. Rydgel says:

    Thanks, I feel dumb 🙂

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