Anatoletype and Jan Fromm join Typekit

Today, we’re happy to announce that two new foundries have joined Typekit. Anatoletype and Jan Fromm bring four new fonts to Typekit, all of which are beautifully designed and render well on screen. What’s more — with at least six weights and styles each — they are all exceptionally versatile.

Rooney Web from Jan Fromm

Casual and warm, Rooney is perfect for welcoming text — be it an introductory phrase, running heads, or navigational cues. It’s like a toasty, mitten-clad high-five.

CamingoDos Web from Jan Fromm

Nobody says no to CamingoDos. Straightforward, efficient, and sleek, together all seven weights get a variety of jobs done right the first time. Body text, headings — you name it.

Acuta from Anatoletype

With sharp elbows and a flick of its sturdy wrist, Acuta is a character-defining choice for mid-to-large web text. Set extremely large, its thin and fat weights are especially interesting.

DejaRip from Anatoletype

DejaRip is an ordinary-looking sans-serif whose bendy hips and curved heels create a subtle bounce. Suitable for body text and more, it can politely enliven many texts.

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  1. Rob says:

    Um. So where is Jan fromm?

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