Featured partner: About.me

About.me provides its users with a custom splash page and personal analytics dashboard. Users can customize their profile with their own photo and colors — and they can choose from a number of fonts, served via Typekit. We worked closely with About.me to integrate Typekit, and the result is wonderfully easy to use: just point and click using the built-in font menu, and we do all the rest.

The font menu for About.me
The built-in font menu makes adding fonts to your splash page quick and easy.

The result: each about.me page is uniquely compelling, while remaining clear and effective.

About.me page for K'naan
K’naan’s about.me profile.

The about.me page for Jake Stride
Jake Stride’s about.me profile.

About.me is still in private beta, but you can sign up to reserve your username now. Get to it!

3 Responses

  1. David Kaneda says:

    Quick FYI: The first link is a typo- Other than that, looks awesome, submitted my beta app a while ago, hope it comes through 🙂

    1. Mandy Brown says:

      Fixed! Thanks 😉

  2. alan says:

    Do you think you guys will be releasing more behind-the-scenes info as to the integration with about.me?

    We’re interested in the technical aspects of integrating our web apps (as well as the sites & stores users build with our apps) too – exactly what the ‘close work’ entailed, and any tips, tricks & best practices that emerged from this project.

    It’s good to see such apps hitting the market, and it’s good to hear that Typekit is so involved.

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