Featured Site: City’s Best from AOL

This week, AOL launched City’s Best, a guide to the best local food and entertainment in 25 major US cities. The simple, flexible template features Museo Sans for headlines, plus a unique title font for each city, all served with Typekit.

Screenshot of City's Best: San Francisco

San Francisco shows off its curves with Pauline.

City's Best: New York City

New York City gets a bit of London style with P22 Underground.

City's Best: Orlando

Orlando goes casual with FF Masala Script.

Photos from each city complete the custom look. Head on over and vote for your city’s best today!

2 Responses

  1. Theo says:

    Great and simple idea to use unique title font for each city, like it !

  2. Thanks for the feature! We’re super excited with it over at City’s Best!

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