Adobe partners with Typekit to bring legendary typefaces to the web

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Typekit’s launch. It’s been an unbelievable 12 months of growth and learning, not just for us but for webfonts, web design, browser development, and so much more. And we can’t think of a better way to mark this moment than to announce one of our most exciting partnerships to date.

Adobe and Typekit are teaming up to bring some of the world’s most popular, recognizable, and respected fonts to the web. Starting today, you’ll be able to use classics like Adobe Garamond, News Gothic, Myriad, and Minion plus many more on your website — all of them newly optimized and hinted for the screen. These fonts look fantastic.

Adobe fonts on Typekit

We’ve been using these fonts internally here at Typekit for a few weeks and the quality is simply amazing. These are the original cuts of the celebrated typefaces you’ve been waiting for, not reproductions or knockoffs of their designs. That means you can use them with the assurance that your creative work is being presented with all the accuracy and technical detail the print world has known for decades.

The Adobe type team has put a lot of work into these fonts, bringing their years of experience with type and staying focused on the best practices for the web. In addition, they have also made fonts available at every Typekit account level. You can even use Adobe Garamond with our free Trial plan! Have a look through the collection. Be inspired. Create beautiful work.

If you don’t yet have a Typekit account, it only takes a minute. Sign up for full access to thousands of fonts here. For even more details, see the announcement on Adobe’s blog.

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  1. Damn. I’m such a happy customer right now. This is amazing.

    1. Taufik says:

      and wow, I though you’re the Chelsea player.. (P.Ferreira)
      okay, it’s seriously OOT.

      and Typekit, please bring up Fedra Sans and The Sans typeface please..

    2. Although now beautifully optimized for screen, I doubt Fedra will come to Typekit as it is already offered via Typotheque. Honestly, however, these few classics being offered by Adobe feels like a more major milestone.

  2. Erwin Heiser says:

    Awesome, worth it for Myriad alone. Keep up the good work guys!

  3. Ok, actually this is great news. Haven’t heard any in a long time when the name Adobe was in the Headline.

  4. This is excellent news.

  5. Matt says:

    Wow congrats guys — this is huge.

  6. Thank you. I’m not sure how well these will all render on screen, but I’m so happy to see some classics.

  7. Hannah says:

    This excited me! 🙂

    1. Hannah says:

      And by excited, I mean excites…

  8. Matthew Guay says:

    Adobe Garamond, Minion, and Myriad on the web? Sounds like time to integrate Typekit into my website. Awesome! 🙂

  9. Jesse Kaminski says:

    This is simply huge, makes me an increadibly happy customer!

  10. SimonJPA says:

    This was always a problem with browsers. I hope putting this on my website will be more standard than CSS that you have to do almost a CSS for every browsers without counting all versions possible.

  11. Jared says:

    This is indeed awesome news!

  12. Sean says:

    I can’t wait to change all my clients’ sites to Cooper Black!

    Just kidding. Otherwise, this is awesome.

  13. Sweet!

    Congrats and what an awesome anniversary present 🙂

  14. Wow. Now the Big Book of Font Combinations book is doubly-useful. It applies to Typekit now without a single edit :).

    It’s only a matter of time until all the classic typefaces are represented in Typekit. Great news!!

  15. Stephen says:

    Unreal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    This is awesome.

  16. Glenn Fleishman says:

    That’s freaking awesome. I’ve been using Minion since Roger Slimbached it on the world. It’s such a versatile font, with the charm of something inspired by the 1500s, but with an absolute modern feel.

  17. John says:

    What’s wrong with Veranda? (Ducking!)

  18. Rizwan Reza says:

    I’d love to see Arabic fonts one day.

  19. Billee D. says:

    That is really awesome news. I was just reading Jason’s interview in 8Faces #1 where he lists Chaparral as one of his required typefaces. It’s always been one of my favorites too and to reliably use it on screen-based designs will fantastic.

    The rest of the typefaces on this list are also kind of requirements for us. Excellent work, Typekit, and thank you Adobe for coming on board. Very nice!

  20. Theo says:

    Congratulations Typekit ! And Great news thanks !

  21. jeremyringsmuth says:

    Curious as to why the typeface examples in the post were placed as an image instead of markup…

    1. Jeffrey Veen says:

      Performance. Adding 18+ linked fonts via CSS is not exactly a best practice. We’re always testing what current browsers can handle, but for this blog post we just went with an image.

  22. Great job, guys. Keep rocking.

  23. Nic Marson says:

    Very welcome addition to the Typekit library. Can’t wait to make use of these!

  24. Rachel says:

    This is amazing! Can’t wait to use them 🙂

  25. Derek Perez says:

    Now we just need Hoefler to sign on, and this service will be unstoppable.

    1. Areus says:

      Amen to that!

    2. Jake LaSota says:

      You can say that again.

    3. Bart ODell says:

      I would be fine with that.

  26. Jordan says:

    Great news! Typekit is worth every penny.

  27. Peter G. says:

    This is great news, indeed.

  28. strayduck says:

    own > rent

  29. Jake LaSota says:

    This is probably the most exciting thing that will happen in my life week. So excited.

  30. Awesome. Great. Thanks a million for this.

  31. Patty Rosol says:

    So happy about this. Just in time for a new project too!!

  32. How do they look in IE?

    1. Gregory Veen says:

      Great question, Dimi. You can judge that for yourself using our Browser Samples feature — we provide screenshots of how every font in our library renders in all of our supported browser/OS combinations. Just look for the Browser Samples tab after clicking through to the font detail pages from this list of Adobe fonts on Typekit.

  33. Historian says:

    I’d like to hear some legends about these ‘legendary’ typefaces. I was unable to find any via Google.

    1. Other Historian says:

      As the legend goes, Odysseus encountered these typefaces in the deepest recesses of the underworld, to which they had been banished for their evils.

  34. We have had issues with font presentation, cufon, flash techniques etc..

    This looks promising as a consistently applicable solution.

  35. Aleksandar says:

    Hell yeah, now I can finally use Myriad on my sites. So excited about this news, thank you making it happen.

  36. Pontus Ekman says:

    This is great news! Typefaces on the web currently leave a lot to be desired. This is one step in the right direction. Keep it up!

  37. David says:

    Looking at the Browser Samples, I don’t see any use of ligatures. Is that possible?

  38. Peter says:

    I just signed up last week and this happens! Awesome.

  39. Bill says:

    Why are all the line samples for these Adobe fonts showing up as Lucida Grande?
    I viewed the samples using Firefox 3.6.8


  40. Bill says:

    I just went and checked the gallery samples here too – all displaying in Lucida Grande.
    I can’t believe that no one has figured out how to make fonts work on the web yet…. it is 2010! Here I am wishing for the typographic control of QuarkXpress 1.0 – circa 1989, which after viewing the samples here, is still years away.

    1. Mandy Brown says:

      Hey Bill,

      I’m not seeing any problems with FF 3.6.8. If you drop a note to support [at], we should be able to work out what’s going on.

  41. 2dpixel says:

    hey cant hurt, more cool typefonts to design with.

  42. Congrats TypeKit, you have been making alot alot of head way in the past few months.. like a steaming train

  43. This is awesome! Congratulations, guys – you really are amazing!

  44. I’m using Cronos Pro at and I like it! Thanks.

  45. Aneka Berita says:

    Hopefully, Tim Adobe Type fonts can be a successful partner yes lord

  46. archaeme says:

    I am now using one of those fonts. Thank you!

  47. Wow 🙂 Awesome news. Great to use these fonts. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. 🙂

  48. Ezzai says:

    Typekit is is growing fast. Congrats. I loved your fonts on which has kindly introduced me to your amazing company.

  49. Gedy says:

    This is simply awesome. I love Typekit.

  50. Mark Madsen says:

    Absolutely superb. I’m upgrading my account so I can use the Adobe fonts. In particular, Minion Pro and Robert Slimbach’s Garamond Premier Pro are fabulous gifts to web typography. I’m converting my stuff this weekend, hopefully. You guys rock. Thank you!!!!

  51. I agree with strayduck. Great technology. But that subscription thingie worries me a lot. Please Typekit, think about a one time fee.

  52. Is there a way to purchase a typeface with an included Typekit Licence?

  53. Callum Barker says:

    Congratulations on your partnership, Im sure this won’t be the last 🙂

  54. It is incredible .. we can enjoy these beautiful typefaces

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