Fantastic Font Film Contest from FontGear

Here is a wonderful chance to take type and make it dynamic!


A few weeks ago, our friends at FontGear launched a new contest and we invite you to combine type and video in a way that moves us all. And while you’re at it, you can win some cash as well.

And fonts don’t have to be the key theme. Pick one that interests you, but make sure that your videos share some focus on the creative and obvious use of typographic concepts, subjects, and storylines. Entry is free!

Want to add some extra zip to your work? We’ve heard that Adobe has a few products like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Flash or After Effects which can help you to be your most creative. But we digress. Whatever your choice of tools, you have a chance to win big. First place takes $1000, Second place $500, and Third place can win you $250.

A jury of industry professionals, featuring Adobe’s own Ginna Baldassarre, will choose the three best font-related videos submitted. So get your type on some tape or your glyphs on some clips, but make sure you enter by September 30, 2010. Time, like a film reel, is always running out!

Nicole Miñoza

I've been with the Adobe Type team since 2002, and am currently the Marketing Manager for Adobe Type and Typekit. I am also the mom of two adorable little girls and a big San Jose Sharks fan.

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