We’re hiring: Community and support manager

We’re looking for someone to join the Typekit team who can help manage and grow our community and support efforts. See, we believe that a web service is only as good as the support behind it. Currently, everyone at Typekit spends part of their time communicating directly with our customers, answering questions, and helping them use the product. We’re not going to change that in the future, but we do want to add someone to the team who is completely focused on maintaining our standards for support as we grow.

Do you want the job? Naturally, we’re looking for someone who loves typography and understands why web fonts are so exciting right now. You’ll also need to know HTML and CSS (you’ve built websites and understand how to fix a selector or two). But most importantly, we’re looking for someone with excellent communication skills. You’ll be explaining things to people every day via email, writing content for our help section, and crafting blog posts that explain new Typekit features. We’d also like you to lead our internal customer advocacy, representing our users as we continue to develop our products.

What do we have to offer? Well, we’re a fast-growing, well-funded startup with a vision for how we can change the web for the better. The gap between your ideas and their launch in our product will be shorter than anywhere else. And we’re an increasingly distributed team, so you can work from pretty much anywhere.

Since we’re so focused on communication skills with this position, we’d prefer you send a few paragraphs via email to jobs@typekit.com describing why you’d rock this job. We’ll get to resumes later, if needed.

7 Responses

  1. Trav says:

    Awesome! If didn’t have an awesome gig right now, I’d be all over this… good luck!

  2. Mary says:

    Are you only looking locally or is this a remote position if one doesn’t live in San Fransisco?

    1. Ellen says:

      In the second to last paragraph Jeffrey mentions, “we’re an increasingly distributed team, so you can work from pretty much anywhere.” It sounds like they’re not opposed to having remote team members.

  3. alan says:

    @Mary – I might be assuming too much, but I think it’s open to all geographic regions, based on their statement :

    “And we’re an increasingly distributed team, so you can work from pretty much anywhere.”

    1. schloo says:

      Oh those silly details!

  4. Philip says:

    Would Typekit consider a Forum or similar user-to-user mechanism, so that we interested users could (with suitable supervision of course!) enter into discussion and support with each other and with Typekit?

    I hope you will consider this in the light of your desire to “manage and grow our community and support effort”.

    1. We’ve been using Get Satisfaction for that, Philip. You can find us here: http://getsatisfaction.com/typekit

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