Typekit supports WOFF in Firefox 3.6

Earlier today, the Mozilla Foundation released version 3.6 of Firefox. While that may sound like an incremental release, it represents a significant milestone in the ongoing story of fonts on the web. This marks the first browser to support the emerging Web Open Font Format, or WOFF.

This new standard font format was debated and refined for months, and we announced our support as consensus emerged. As we said back then, a standard based on collaboration that embraces the web’s native openness is a good thing.

So that’s why we’re not just voicing support for WOFF, but building it into our service. Over the next few days, Typekit will start serving WOFF files to Firefox 3.6. If you use Typekit to serve fonts on your website, you won’t need to do anything. Your users will automatically get the right fonts for their browsers. And if the format or browser support changes in the future, your CSS and fonts will be seamlessly upgraded.

Web standards are important, but keeping up with them can be a challenge. That’s one of the reasons we think Typekit is valuable — we’ll keep you current and compliant so you can focus on being creative.

4 Responses

  1. Juarez says:

    It’s the WOFF yo!


  2. roblumba says:

    Will this open any features in the fonts that were not available before?

    1. Jeffrey Veen says:

      Not really, WOFF is just a wrapper for OpenType Fonts. There is some additional compression in the WOFF files, but Typekit fonts are already served gzipped, which is comparable. We continue to support the features that the browsers support, such as kerning in Firefox.

  3. Richard Fink says:

    I’m curious: Arguably the best thing about WOFF is that it’s a natively compressed format. No need for GZIP. GZIP has a failure rate due mostly to network conditions.
    Are the EOT files Typekit feeds to IE gzipped or are they natively compressed?

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