The team behind Bickham Script Pro

Richard Lipton

Richard Lipton is the principal designer for Bickham Script. He has worked as a typeface designer since 1983 beginning with Bitstream and is now a senior designer at Font Bureau, with many years of experience as a professional calligrapher before that. His other typefaces include Sloop (and several more) for Font Bureau, and Bitstream releases Arrus and Cataneo (with Jacqueline Sakwa). He is currently on the faculty of The Rhode Island School of Design teaching type design and calligraphy.

Robert Slimbach

Robert Slimbach is the principal type designer at Adobe Type, and did the initial designs for Bickham Script Pro 3, directing Richard Lipton’s design work thereafter and also sketching out designs for many of the alternate glyphs. He has worked at Adobe since 1987 and has designed several popular typefaces during his tenure, including Kepler, Minion Pro, and Acumin Pro.

Frank Grießhammer

Frank Grießhammer worked on the development and testing for the contextual characters that were added to Bickham Script Pro 3. Frank is a typeface designer with Adobe Type, creator of the Source Serif family, and a graduate of the Type & Media master’s program in The Hague.

David Parsons

David Parsons is a former member of Adobe Type’s font production team. He brought his passion for music (three Masters degrees) and languages to the job, and implemented Bickham Script’s original set of contextual rules in collaboration with Robert Slimbach.

Gerry Leonidas

Gerry Leonidas consulted on the design of the Greek characters that were added to Bickham Script Pro 3. He is an Associate Professor of Typography at Reading, and an active author and researcher, with a specific interest in Greek typeface design.

Maxim Zhukov

Maxim Zhukov consulted on the design of the Cyrillic characters that were added to Bickham Script Pro 3. He regularly consults and writes on type design, and has taught classes at Parsons School of Design and The Cooper Union in New York.

John D. Berry

John D. Berry is a type historian and author, who researched and wrote the background articles in preparation for the launch of Bickham Script Pro 3 (as well as the overview on the project’s homepage).

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  1. Frank Grießhammer says:

    Additionally, we have to thank Irene Vlachou for helping with the Greek translation of Stylistic Sets’ descriptions, and Krista Radoeva for review and clarification of Bulgarian alternates.

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