Our outreach routinely goes beyond this blog, and as a team we have all kinds of publications to our name. Here’s a few that have published recently for a little Team Typekit reading list.

Ari Remoundakis & Meghan Arnold both have writing featured on Alphabettes this month. Ari’s description of bringing her parents along to a type conference is hilarious and great reading; she attended Typographics in New York earlier this year and decided to make it a family trip.

Our ever-organized Meghan has put together a fantastic gift-buying guide that supports women in typography — some awesome stuff in there. And don’t miss her …

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By the numbers: Great type for numerals

By the numbers: Great type for numerals

Often overlooked, numerals are a special part of many typefaces. In some cases they may even carry more style and flair than the regular letters do.

I asked around the Typekit office for some ideas for fonts that are great for setting numbers, and got ample advice. Thanks especially to Jake Giltsoff, Meghan Arnold, Ariadne Remoundakis, and Tim Brown for your input — and to the whole team for narrowing down the vote on that zero at the last minute.

The slashed 0 of Mono45 Headline proved irresistible for this one. Zero is easily confused for uppercase O, but many of the monospace fonts in …

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Now in Marketplace: Fonts from Process Type Foundry

Minnesota-based Process Type Foundry has a healthy new crop of fonts on our Marketplace — don’t miss it if you’ve been looking for the perfect typeface for a holiday greeting, a logotype, or beyond.

Process Type Foundry is one of our earliest foundry partners and we’re delighted to expand our relationship beyond web hosting to Marketplace — so you can get their fonts in more places!

For a neat look inside the foundry, check out our interview with Nicole Dotin about her work back in 2011. Dotin’s Elena has been popular ever since its release, and for good reason — it’s a wonderfully adaptable serif …

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Lesson spotlight

Lesson Spotlight

Type for body text

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Myriad Devanagari and Myriad Bengali

Typeface Spotlight

Myriad Devanagari and Myriad Bengali

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