More Omnes widths and entire Darden Studio collection now on Typekit

Darden Studio, based in New York, is the source of classic branding fonts like Omnes, and more recently released Halyard. We’ve offered a selection of their fonts for years, and are thrilled that they’ve now added their entire collection to our library.

Omnes widths in use on packaging

Omnes in use, showing off the versatility of varying weights and widths.

The already-friendly design of Omnes becomes even more versatile with the addition of condensed widths. If you’ve ever tried typesetting with Omnes, you might have noticed that it tends to be a bit wide. That’s great if you want to fill more space, but sometimes you might want to keep things a little tighter. Condensed, Semicondensed, and Narrow widths are here for you!

Omnes in four widths

Make yourself comfortable. However much you have to say, there’s a width of Omnes built to work with the rest of your design.

Halyard is another strong option from Darden Studio, and from its release this was designed to be used everywhere. It’s one of those fonts you won’t even realize you’re reading — like many sans-serifs, it’s designed to be unobtrusive, which is great for getting information across to people without a lot of time for mental processing; think signage, or infographics.

Halyard type specimen from Darden Studio

Halyard in use: Micro for the body text, Display for headlines, and Text for graph labels and nameplates. All artwork by Darden Studio.

Halyard comes in eight weights, from Extralight to Black, as well as optical sizes (which means we have super-specialized options that are great for tiny print or big poster displays).

List of Darden Studio fonts in the Typekit library

Check out Darden Studio foundry page to see everything in their catalog that’s available. Since everything from Darden Studio is in our regular library now, it’s all included with Creative Cloud plans. Try a couple out, play with the width options a bit to see what feels right to you. Let us know what you think!

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