New fonts from Type Network in Typekit Marketplace

We are pleased to welcome new fonts from Type Network, a growing alliance of independent type designers from around the world. Since they joined Typekit in November, they have expanded their collection with more partners and font releases. Let’s take a closer look!

CSTM Fonts add Kazimir, Big City Grotesque, Navigo, and Pilar to Typekit Marketplace

CSTM Fonts, a foundry led by Ilya Ruderman and Yury Ostromentsky, is adding some stellar Cyrillic options with four new families.

Kazimir is based on late 19th-century book typography, and its popularity spurred the creation of Kazimir Text, which includes more weights than its display counterpart. Cyrillic letters are more symmetrical in nature than those comprising the Latin alphabet, so Kazimir’s static contrast (where the thins and thicks are somewhat symmetrical) works well to create consistency between the two writing systems. Big City Grotesque, by Olga Pankova and Ilya Ruderman, is a sans serif with humanist flair — and don’t miss the awesome ligatures! Have a look at all of their fonts on Typekit Marketplace.

Type-Ø-Tones adds Joost, Rumba, Arboria, and Arbotek to Typekit Marketplace

Laura Meseguer and Jose Manuel Uros bring us a fantastic variety of type through their foundry, Type-Ø-Tones. We love the natural rhythm of Rumba, which gets even more dynamic if you experiment with its three different styles; Laura calls it the “axis of expressiveness”. Rumba was Laura’s final project at the Type and Media program at the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, and the subject of her dissertation, which gets into much more detail about its development.

Occupant Fonts adds Allium to Typekit Marketplace

Cyrus Highsmith doesn’t disappoint with his new sans serif, Allium. Cyrus emphasized a warm, balanced aesthetic in this design, and he recommends, “Try it if you need a clear, calm tone of voice but don’t want to put your readers to sleep”. His introduction to Allium on the Type Network site is a great study of thoughtful type design in action. Allium includes support for Greek and Cyrillic.

Lipton Letter Design adds Bennet Banner to Typekit Marketplace

Bennet from Richard Lipton shows more than just his calligraphic expertise. The typeface’s support of widths, weights, and even grades — variations which affect the way a typeface looks when printed on paper — make the design exceptionally high-functioning without compromising its playful nature. Read the Type Network overview for even more detail about Bennet’s skillful construction.

Kopius and Kopius Condensed now on Typekit Marketplace from Kontour

Sibylle Hagmann has created a portfolio of interesting and original typefaces, and we’re delighted to add more from her to Typekit Marketplace. Kopius is loosely based on Liberta, a serif family designed by Herbert Thannhaeuser in 1956 in East Germany (see original images for reference). Both regular and condensed widths are available.

New Zen from Newlyn now on Typekit Marketplace

New Zen, by Miles Newlyn and Elana Schneider, is a rounded typeface with just a little edge to it. One of Miles’s goals with New Zen was to create a rounded sans-serif that felt less “childish” in character. The subtle edges in the counters create a broad nib pen look — and definitely detract from any elementary-school vibe. Read more from Type Network about the design. We love the detail about designing for accessibility!

Gautreaux from Victoria Rushton now on Typekit Marketplace

In designing charming script face Gautreaux, Victoria Rushton was inspired by her grandmother’s handwriting, and her own treasured copy of The Script Letter by Tommy Thompson. With only four contextual alternates, Gautreaux connects and flows with a wonderful simplicity that makes it adaptable to many different editorial situations.

It’s great to see the Type Network library expand with such a varied selection. All these new fonts are available for purchase on Typekit Marketplace, which you do not need a paid Creative Cloud subscription to use. All you need is an Adobe ID so that you can sync the fonts you’ve purchased via the Creative Cloud desktop app. The fonts are then yours to use for as long as you keep the CC app running.

We would love to see how you use these typefaces in your work — let us know what you think on Twitter and Instagram!

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    That one, the Rumba is awesome! I just love it! Thanks!

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    Great post! This is the first time I’ve seen information on Typekit Marketplace New Fonts. Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work.

  3. loving south time guys, great display font, off to sync 🙂

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