Sites We Like: Bureau of Fearless Ideas and 99u

Today we’re highlighting two sites belonging to organizations with a similar mission: to inspire creativity and help shape the future of design and publishing. We hope you enjoy these excellent visual examples of web fonts in use!

Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas

Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas website

The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas helps young people in Washington state to build writing and communication skills that will give them wider opportunities later in life. Their site combines a mix of vintage styled display typefaces with the modern and geometric Brandon Grotesque, which nicely frame learning as an exciting adventure.


The site belonging to magazine and design conference 99U employs the typeface Utopia for the majority of it’s body text. Utopia hovers between the traditional and the modern; combining high contrast elements borrowed from classic text faces with modern decisions regarding shape and detail. These ideas bring a fresh take on established design practices, much like the conference itself.

Make sure to tell us which websites you’ve been diggin’ in comments below, or via Twitter and Instagram. Join us next time for more sites we like!

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