Fonts from Typejockeys now available on Typekit

We are excited to introduce our newest foundry partner, Typejockeys! Based in Vienna, Austria, the foundry has been producing quality type since 2008 for businesses all over the world.

We’re adding all their typefaces to Typekit Marketplace, with a few styles also available in our regular subscription library. We’ve highlighted a few here, and you can see the entire collection on their foundry page.


Henriette by Michael Hochleitner, from Typejockeys

Henriette Black, Black Italic, and Condensed Medium. Artwork courtesy of Typejockeys.

Michael Hochleitner designed Henriette after researching the street signage that has become part of the cultural landscape in Vienna. The typeface that was created for these signs was modified and stretched over the years, and Michael took a close look at all these versions. They inspired him to create this serif typeface, which shows off its idiosyncrasies at large sizes but also works for text. Check out the alternates too! Five weights of Henriette (along with their italics) are available in the Typekit Library, with the Compressed and Condensed styles available for purchase.


Ingeborg by Michael Hochleitner, from Typejockeys

Ingeborg Fat, Heavy, and Block, with italics. Artwork courtesy of Typejockeys.

Ingeborg is a Didone with a few quirks. The display weights make a statement, and the Italics get a little wild — look at that y! The high contrast and ball terminals add rhythm and weight to a typeface that is overall very well-formed. Didones can be notoriously hard to read at small sizes and on screens, but Ingeborg’s moderate tone opens up more possible uses than would be typical for the genre. Consider it for web use, as the vertical contrast is subtle enough to be pleasing on screen. All four weights and the eye-catching Block style are available for purchase on Typekit Marketplace.

Sauber Script

Sauber Script by Michael Hochleitner at Typejockeys

Sauber Script. Specimen by Ariadne Remoundakis.

We are always looking for that unicorn script: a brush script with just the right mix of casual, utilitarian, and vintage qualities. Hochleitner’s experience with hand lettering clearly shows here in the natural and relaxed letterforms of Sauber Script, which is nonetheless a robust and thoughtfully planned typeface. Features include wide language support, carefully considered letter pairs, and contextual alternates, making Sauber Script a fantastic place to get started with a script font if you’ve felt overwhelmed by them before. You can purchase it on Typekit Marketplace.


Aniuk by Thomas Gabriel at Typejockeys

Just a few of the supported characters and extras in Aniuk. Artwork courtesy of Typejockeys.

Designed by Thomas Gabriel, Aniuk is a display face optimized for use in large sizes. It comes in five weights and has great character support and figure variations. It is curvy and strong at the same time — and will keep surprising you. The Bold and Regular styles are available for web and sync in the Typekit Library, and the rest can be purchased on Typekit Marketplace.

About Typekit Marketplace

The fonts you purchase from Typekit Marketplace are yours to use as long as you have a Creative Cloud login — even if you end your paid subscription.

Questions about getting started? Any other fonts you’re dying to see? Let us know on Twitter or drop an email to

Ariadne Remoundakis

Foundry Relations Manager at Adobe Typekit. A Greek American in California by way of Athens and London. Passionate about hand lettering, mostly on birthday cards and post-its.

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