Introducing Trajan Color Concept, a new OpenType-SVG font by Adobe

Today we are excited to announce the second release from the Adobe Type Concepts program, Trajan Color Concept — which you can find on Typekit for desktop and web use with any plan level. This is a fantastic opportunity to begin exploring the potential for a relatively new font format.

Trajan Color Concept uses OpenType-SVG technology to implement color, transparency and texture right into the font file. It was designed by Sérgio Martins beginning during his internship with Adobe, and uses SVG’s capabilities to expand upon Trajan by Carol Twombly.

Color fonts from Adobe Type

Trajan Color Concept is the first color font designed and produced by Adobe. It contains 19 different color variations, plus two black and white options, accessible via OpenType stylistic sets. For more from Sérgio on the challenges he faced designing Trajan Color Concept and working with OpenType-SVG in its infancy, see his recent interview with Dan Rhatigan.

To showcase and better explain this new OpenType-SVG font technology, we worked with Nick Sherman on a super colorful demo page. Here, you can try out all of the color and texture variations available in Trajan Color Concept, and also preview the hundreds of emoji in EmojiOne Color — an open source OpenType-SVG font built by Adobe from the EmojiOne artwork designed by Denis Denz and produced by Rick Moby.


Live text area at lets you preview and interact with all of the color and texture variations in Trajan Color Concept.

Support for color fonts in Photoshop

Both Trajan Color Concept and EmojiOne Color are also included with the 2017 version of Photoshop CC that shipped on November 2nd. Photoshop is the first Adobe application to support OpenType-SVG fonts. To learn more about using these fonts in Photoshop, check out our support documentation.


Support for OpenType-SVG fonts was added to Photoshop for the 2017 CC release.

Learn more

We encourage you to try out Adobe’s new color fonts through Typekit or Photoshop, and to dive deeper into this new font technology by visiting our demo page and color fonts support documentation.

Since this is still such new font technology, we’ve included resources for other font developers, and we are putting together a series of blog posts dedicated to making OpenType-SVG fonts. Reach out if you’d like to get involved — and stay tuned for more from us.

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