New fonts from Parkinson Type Design

With his long history of lettering and illustration, Jim Parkinson is a treasure of the type community. We are excited to announce some new additions from his work on Typekit. All Parkinson Type Design fonts on Typekit will now be available for both web and sync.

Jim has been delving into chromatic and layered fonts more in the last few years, and you can finally get your hands on all of them here. Each layered typeface has a Primary font with companions like Fill, Inline, and Gradient. These can be stacked or layered in endless combinations and colors — once you see the possibilities, the Primary versions will never look the same again!

Sutro flyer by Jim Parkinson

Specimen by Jim Parkinson, as part of a flyer distributed at TypeCon 2013 in Portland.

Sutro is a bold slab serif with multiple variations — they can all be thought of as an extended family, but each one has its very own character. Sutro Shaded, shown above, is a testament to Parkinson’s ability to create versatility through layers. Sutro Open (below) instantly pops with a vivid shadow, sporting big blocks without feeling chunky.

Sutro type specimen

All specimens by Jim Parkinson.

We are adding a few new variations of Modesto to the library. With its origin as a circus logo — a commission project of Jim’s for Barnum & Bailey and Ringling Brothers — Modesto’s many variations evoke lettering of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Modesto Open and Modesto Initials both combine the chromatic technology with that hand-painted feel.

Modesto type specimen by Jim Parkinson

Jim assembled user manuals for many of these typefaces, which include guidance on using chromatic font layers (in addition to some great notes on design). These might be a worthy bookmark if you’re planning to dig in with one of these in a project — and we hope you will! Here is the complete list of new Parkinson Type Design fonts in the Typekit library, ready for you to sync or add to your kits.

Amboy Black
Amboy Inline
Avebury Black
Avebury Inline
Balboa Condensed
Balboa Extra Condensed
Balboa Plus
Fresno Black
Fresno Inline
Hoosier Daddy
Modesto Initials
Modesto Initials Inline
Modesto Open
Modesto Poster
ModestoLite Expanded
Sutro (plus Black Initials and Bold Expanded)
Sutro Deluxe
Sutro Open
Sutro Shaded
Wigwag Deluxe
Wigwag Bold

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  1. Paul says:

    How do I layer these fonts using CSS? The manuals do not have any instruction on this.

    1. Ariadne Remoundakis says:

      Hi Paul,

      You may find this post helpful:

      If you need more detailed info, please feel free to email

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