Type Camp returns to San Francisco

We’re excited to welcome Type Camp back to the Adobe office in San Francisco this fall. We’ll be hosting three sessions of camp here, starting in just a couple weeks. There’s still time to register for all the sessions here, and we can vouch for just how much you’ll learn. Check out the sessions coming up, and get your name on the list soon — space is limited!

Parallel pen practice from earlier Type Camp session

Parallel pen lettering from Type Camp workshop earlier in 2015. Image courtesy of Shelley Gruendler.

October 9: Expressive Hand Lettering

Shelley Gruendler and Carol Nix will guide campers through a day-long session on expressive hand lettering, learning and refining techniques with folded pen. Everyone’s personal style with folded pen is bound to be a little different. Come and shape your own! Registration is open now and closes on October 5.

November 6: Casual Hand Lettering

Learn the “casual” lettering style used by many sign painters in this day-long workshop with Shelley Gruendler and James Edmondson. By the end of the day, you’ll be picking letters apart one stroke at a time, and will build up your own lettering skills. Learn more and register on the Type Camp website.

December 4: Copperplate Script

Explore the flourished forms of Copperplate script lettering with pointed pen, with Shelley Gruendler and Xandra Zamora guiding the way. Challenging and fun! More on the Type Camp website.

Whiteboard lesson on type anatomy

Alexandre Saumier Demers walks through type anatomy with Type Campers. Image courtesy of Shelley Gruendler.

For more about the instructors, classes, or other Type Camps near your city, check their website for the most up-to-date information. Hope to see you there!

Sally Kerrigan

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