New fonts on Typekit: Isaco Type

We recently welcomed Isaco Type as one of our newest foundry partners. Founded in 2009 by Isac Rodrigues, Isaco Type is based in Vacaria, Brazil, and we’re delighted to add some of their fonts to our library. Let us know how you like them!


Monarcha type specimen

Monarcha. All specimens by Ariadne Remoundakis.

Monarcha has a beautiful, calligraphic rhythm in its strokes, anchored by the strong terminal serifs. It’s substantial, but not domineering; a relatively high x-height makes for a balanced and readable text face. It’s also packed with OpenType features, including over 40 different ligatures.


Mayence type specimen


Mayence is a single-line script face whose angular shapes and and dashed-off terminals give the impression of someone whose mind is working faster than their pen. The font family contains over 400 ligatures, many of them for more than three joined characters and even a few numerals. There may be only one style, but with nine different ampersands in play, you’ll have plenty of decisions to make as you work with this.

Cantiga & Contiga Condensed

Cantiga type specimen

Cantiga Regular and Condensed

With eighteen different styles for both the regular and condensed versions, Cantiga was designed to be a workhorse sans. The thinnest and heaviest weights make for especially striking headlines, while the mid-range weights work nicely as text faces; the slightly rectangular counters lend just a hint more personality than your average sans.

Basel Neue

Basel type specimen

Basel Neue

For an undressy sans face, Basel has a few tricks up its sleeve — like the symbols that can be activated with discretionary ligatures. (Check Isaco Type’s documentation for the full list — or just play around in your glyph panel.) The open, rounded shapes and slight variation in stroke thickness give Basel a casual, friendly attitude as a text face.

All the new typefaces from Isaco Type are available for use on the web, and many of the styles are also available for syncing. If you don’t have a Typekit subscription, it’s free to try out and take a look around.

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  1. Tom says:

    Monarcha looks the best imo.

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