Sites We Like: Tools & Toys and This Week’s Playlist

What’s new on the internet this week? Countless sites will be all too happy to fill you in on what’s worth buying, reading, or listening to. This week we’re focusing on a couple websites that maintain a sharp focus on what’s new in the world, but take their time with design to make the experience a lot less overwhelming.

Tools & Toys

Tools and Toys website

Tools & Toys updates daily with thoughtful, fresh content and attains a very neat balance between appreciation for the cool gear that’s out there and mindfulness about consumption culture. The type selection is also in perfect balance here, with Freight Sans in the headings and Freight Text for the body text. The resulting tone is warm and inviting: No, you don’t need to race out to the mall; stay a while and read.

This Week’s Playlist

This Week's Playlist website

We’re not qualified to comment on the musical taste involved with This Week’s Playlist — we’re inclined to trust the creators’ judgement there — but what we will note is that Acta Display looks fantastic on this page. The patterned background for the date is especially inspired. Tracks on the right are set in monospaced OCR-B, bringing a bit of an old CD player aesthetic to the composition.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

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