New fonts on Typekit: Bookmania, Servus Slab, & Madre Script

Happy Holidays! Here’s a gift for you all: New fonts on Typekit! We’ve added these to our full library, and they’re all available for web and desktop sync.


Bookmania from Mark Simonson Studio

Bookman Oldstyle, designed in the early 1900s, has been revived a few times in the past century. But never has it been given the refinement, embellishment, and liveliness as Mark Simonson’s revival, Bookmania. It comes in five weights and accompanying non-cursive italics, and is packed with a dizzying number of swashes and stylistic alternates — outlined in the specimen PDF. Exercising restraint may be necessary when you dive into Bookmania’s OpenType features, where all of the goodies reside. Every alternate glyph is available in one of the 20 stylistic sets, as well as through other OpenType features.

How do you get at those features? For web, be sure to check out our documentation on syntax for OpenType features in CSS, as well as The State of Web Type for information on browser support. Also, be sure to read up on our web font subsetting Early Access feature, which will help keep your Bookmania web font files leaner. For desktop, our partner Typofonderie has a good primer on OpenType features, and we’ll have more resources coming your way in the future.


Servus Slab from Dada Studio

We’re delighted to add this versatile typeface from Dada Studio to our library. Available in nine weights, Servus Slab can perform in nearly any setting where you want a touch of personality without dominating the page. The bold weights make for powerful displays — don’t be afraid to really size this one up.


Madre Script from Typefolio

Madre Script from Typefolio is charming, while tastefully steering away from feeling too saccharine. (It also avoids looking slightly too much like actual handwriting.) Even at display size, this font feels soft-spoken — which might actually make it well-suited for persuasive text. For more advanced use, turn on contextual alternates and ligatures to get all those great character connectors in place.

Let us know how you like these new fonts; we love seeing how you use them in your work! If you’ve never tried Typekit, sign up and take a look around, and upgrade to a paid plan when you’re ready.

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  1. Leukeh says:

    Bookmania is stunning! Can’t wait to get my swash on.

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