Source Serif update: Three new weights

The Source Serif family has grown thanks to the work of Adobe Type designer Frank Grießhammer, who added three new weights (Extra Light, Light, and Black) and made updates to the Semibold and Bold. All these updates are now available on Typekit.

Along with these additions, Frank made changes to the Semibold and Bold weights, making both slightly heavier in Version 1.017 in order to better complement and harmonize with the other weights in the newly-expanded family. With these updates, the weight range of Source Serif is now matched to that of Source Sans, which was Frank’s intention from the beginning. The character set itself has not changed, but this will be one of the next areas for expansion.

Source Serif ExtraLight, Light, Regular

Where to find Source Serif

Source Serif is available with any level of Typekit plan (including the free level). It can be used on the web or synced for use in any desktop. Downloadable versions and original source files are available on GitHub.

Source Serif Semibold, Bold, Black

Join the community

Frank’s work on Source Serif is ongoing, and we are pleased to see that people have already been contributing and discussing on GitHub. If you’d like to get involved, see the GitHub project page for details.

4 Responses

  1. Thank you. It is enchanting to see how much work has been put in every single character. Now I am looking forward to the italics, however long it may take until they are available.

  2. Takashi Irie says:

    Great addition! I’ve been waiting for italic though…. Any ETA on Italic version?

    1. Nicole Miñoza says:

      Frank is working on the italics, but no ETA yet. Stay tuned!

  3. Definitely using this font on my blog! Hope the italics come soon!

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