Sites We Like: Readlists & Oozled

The internet is an amazing resource for learning just about anything… provided you can remember where you last saw that link. The good news is, plenty of services are out there to help keep things organized for your own reference and make the experience a little less daunting. In this week’s sites we like, we’ll tip our hats to a couple of these teams who help the rest of us tame the onslaught of information.


Readlist website

If you’re the kind of reader who groups your web bookmarks into sub-sub-categories, you’ll probably appreciate Readlists, which allows you to group a pack of web pages together into ebook format and export it to just about any reading device you like. Chaparral sets an appropriately bookish tone in the page headers and subheads, and Myriad offers a fine balance in the body text, where the serifs would otherwise be overkill.


Oozled website

Oozled started out as a simple list of resources for web designers, and has since blossomed into a collaborative directory of web resources across 42 different categories. (Including one on typography!) Effra looks fantastic on this page, graceful and unobtrusive, making for a comfortable browsing experience.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

Sally Kerrigan

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