Sites We Like: Die Schachschule, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, & Grumpy Lobster

It’s playtime in this week’s sites we like, with games and activities for the kids we know (and our own inner children).

Schachschule screenshot

Kids who love puzzles and games might be attracted to chess early on, and with some help from the Chess School (Schachschule), kids near Zurich, Switzerland can begin to learn real strategy behind the game. The school’s website is fun to peruse, featuring crisp Omnes for the body text, Myriad and Proxima Nova Soft in headers and navigation, and Kremlin for a handwritten twist on sidebar headings.

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh screenshot

From a playground made of packing tape to the original set from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, the exhibits at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh are sure to set your imagination alight. Headings and navigation on the neatly organized site are set in Futura, which feels almost playful in this context.

Grumpy Lobster screenshot

Look no further than your iPad for a new kids’ book: Grumpy Lobster offers quick iPad downloads for a series of books by author and illustrator Jake Croft. Museo Sans Rounded is a clear, friendly choice for the website copy.

That’s it for this week; share sites you like in the comments!

Sally Kerrigan

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