Clarifying our commitment to privacy

At Typekit, we believe in respecting the privacy of our our customers and their website visitors, while providing the best font service possible. Recently, we’ve received some questions about what kind of data we gather from individuals and how it’s used. To help answer these questions, we created a Typekit-specific supplemental privacy page. We hope this adds clarity about the kinds of data we gather and why. You can also read our main privacy policy for information beyond Typekit’s use of cookies.

The most common privacy question we hear from our customers is, “If I use Typekit fonts, does Typekit gather information from or set cookies in the browser when people visit my website?”

To quote the privacy policy:

“In providing the Typekit service, we do not set or use cookies on websites in order to serve our fonts.”

Typekit makes a point not to track visitors on websites that use Typekit fonts. However, we do collect information about the fonts being served to each site. This data does not include any information about the users who are visiting a site serving Typekit fonts. The tracking data is used to operate the Typekit service, as well as accurately pay our foundry partners.

We want to be as clear as we can with our users and hope you find this information helpful. As always, you can email Typekit support with any questions or concerns.