Sites We Like: One Minute With, Quotes & Accents, and Underscores

This week, we’re looking at the scaffolding that keeps the creative world running: templates, punctuation, and personal missions. Oh, and typography, of course.


Designer Conor O’Driscoll ties together threads of creative inspiration from an impressive batch of professionals in his interviews on Body text is primarily in Proxima Nova, but the interview questions are offset in blocky Quatro Slab, lending a textured feel to the transcripts.

Screenshot from Quotes and Accents

Minion is a great typographic choice for Quotes & Accents, Jessica Hische’s website dedicated to documenting Mac keyboard shortcuts for accented characters. The font’s clarity of form really comes in handy on a page detailing the subtle rules of various punctuation marks, and looks lovely to boot.

Screenshot from Underscores

We’ve seen Stratum in action before, but it never fails to impress. Here, Stratum 1 sets the aesthetic for Underscores, a WordPress starter theme designed for people who want to build their own themes but don’t necessarily want to begin from scratch. Stratum is available directly from Process Type Foundry; purchase the license from them, and we’ll happily host the font.

That’s it for this week’s sites! Share sites you like in the comments.

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  1. ChrisLTD says:

    I recently launched my new site that uses Typekit’s Franklin Gothic URW:

  2. Just launched: New site for Australian rockers, Airbourne, featuring @Typekit fonts, Harvester and Futura PT. Design by @frequencydesign – code and build by @atlanticrecords –

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