Sites We Like: Uber,, and HistoryMiami

A new Uber app, great customer support, and Miami’s history in this week’s sites we like.


Uber turns the stressful ordeal of hailing a cab into an easy, modern experience. Fittingly, their website achieves a similar effect with the legible and contemporary sans serif, FF Clan. The high x-height and no-frills architecture makes FF Clan a perfect choice for both Uber’s new website and their mobile app. You can license FF Clan Web from FontShop and bring your license over to Typekit.

desk, a customer support management platform (which we proudly use for our own support here at Typekit), pairs the approachable Myriad with the workmanlike FF Basic Gothic, an excellent alternative to Verdana. The result is a pleasing, easy-to-navigate website.


HistoryMiami is a cultural institution dedicated to teaching and celebrating the history of Miami, Florida. They establish a nice contrast of geometric sans and humanist serif, using Proxima Nova for headings and navigation and Adobe Garamond for body copy.

That’s all for this week; share sites that you like in the comments!

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  1. Moda says:

    I liked the colors and fonts on History Miami.

  2. Good collection. A combination of responsive, typographical websites.
    Personally i liked the historymiami site. color combination and typography was better there

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