Adobe fonts updated for cross-platform consistency

Every font in the Adobe Type catalog on Typekit has now been updated so that its vertical metrics are consistent across browsers. For designers, this means that page layouts will match more closely on all platforms. Just republish your kits to receive the updated files.

Trajan Pro 3 before and after having its vertical metrics updated

In addition, every weight and style of each family has the same vertical metrics values, so that (for instance) emboldening or italicizing a phrase in a paragraph won’t interfere with line spacing. And finally, the fonts also circumvent an unusual spacing problem in IE9 related to Typo metrics (one of three sets of vertical metrics in a font file, each of which regulates glyph clipping and line spacing in different ways on different platforms). After talking with customers about this issue, we found a reliable fix; if you wrote to our support team about IE9 spacing, thanks!

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  1. b4t00n says:

    That seems (and is) great – but i still see a big problem with Bickham (cursor size is huge in edit mode) – will that ever be updated?
    Its one of the best Adobe fonts but the edit mode is just disastrous..

    1. Tim Brown says:

      Great question. Bickham’s cursor size is huge because its vertical metrics are set to accommodate very tall ascenders and very deep descenders in the font — including flourishes that aren’t always visible. If we were to tighten up those vertical metrics, some glyphs would be clipped. Here’s more about font metrics and vertical space in CSS.

  2. Jamie says:

    Great work!

    Would love to see this for fonts like FF Tisa Web Pro too which currently suffers from significant differences in vertical offset between browsers:

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