Sites we like: People’s List, Teacake Design, and Always Creative

Three unique sites featuring condensed sans serifs in this week’s sites we like.

The People's List

The People’s List from Pitchfork features the top albums from 1996–2011. Proxima Nova Alt Extra Condensed serves well both big and small. The large numbers are especially lovely.

Teacake Design

Teacake Design opts for small text, and pairs Nimbus Sans Condensed with Adobe Garamond for a timeless look. Note the slightly more generous line-height at small sizes, aiding in readability.

Always Creative

And finally, Always Creative pairs Alternate Gothic No. 1 D with FF Tisa and great big photographs for dramatic effect. Amply letter-spaced Proxima Nova provides a bit of contrast.

That’s all for this week; share sites that you like in the comments.

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