Sites we like: COOP, The People’s Pennant, and Erskine

Coworking, limited editions, and small details in this week’s sites we like.


COOP is Chicago’s favorite coworking spot. The thin weight of Adelle makes for classy headlines, while the semibold weight provides just a bit of contrast on subheads.

The People's Pennant

The People’s Pennant celebrates the everyday with handmade, limited edition pennants. Adelle appears again (this time in the regular weight) for midsize headlines and text, while Futura PT and Futura PT Condensed offer contrasting headlines. Generous letter-spacing on the all caps headlines keeps everything comfortable.


And Erskine is a creative agency working from the biggest idea to the smallest detail. Two weights of FF Meta prove exceptionally versatile, with hierarchy distinguished by type size and the occasional bit of color.

That’s all for this week! Share sites that you like in the comments.

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