Sites we like: Hiut Denim, Postable, and Frank Chimero

Handmade denim, easy address books, and a tribute to making in this week’s sites we like.

Hiut Denim

Hiut Denim is a denim maker in Cardigan, on the West coast of Wales. FF Tisa’s soft slab serifs echo the classic and handmade themes, while Proxima Nova fills in with neutral small text.


Postable helps you create a complete and up-to-date address book in less than a minute. Omnes’ bold weight is pleasantly fluffy, perfect for capturing a service that is both safe and easy.

Frank Chimero

And Frank Chimero is back with a new site featuring FF Quadraat and a bit of playful (but smart) parallax scrolling. Proxima Nova counters FF Quadraat’s calligraphic impulses, while FacitWeb’s exceptional readability serves well for navigation and small text.

That’s it for this week; as always, share sites that you like in the comments. Or, browse the Gallery for more inspiration.

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  1. Josh says:

    VML is big fan of Typekit and we just lauched a pretty cool site featuring one of your fonts. Its a website for a Kansas City based organization that does some amazing things. Check out the new site at and you’ll see what im talking about. Help Higher Mpact get the word out!

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