New from Typekit: Improved search

As our library gets bigger and better, finding just the right font becomes more challenging. When we updated our font browsing last fall, we focused on helping you quickly narrow down the list of fonts to just the ones that would work. Now, we’re rolling out the next stage in an ongoing effort to make it easier to find what you need: new and improved search.

Our first search system focused on finding fonts, and only finding fonts. But as Typekit has evolved, we’ve also added more content: from blog posts, to help documentation, to the recently released browse by lists, and more to come. So it was time for our search tool to branch out: the new search now turns up results for everything, not just fonts.

New search, now with more content

The new search shows results for everything — fonts, lists, blog posts, and help docs — all at once.

That means you’re just as able to discover a blog post about Urbana as you are to find Urbana itself. We still return font results first, and you can filter to see only fonts if you like. And we still include font names in the search auto-complete, so if you know exactly which font you want, you can get to it fast. But if you want to see all of the results for a term, now you can.

Search everything, or filter to see results from only one section.

As we add more kinds of content, the search results will evolve, so that they become more and more useful over time. Additionally, we’ll be analyzing our search logs, and tweaking the results based on actual usage over time. So, the more you use it, the better it will get. Start now!

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  1. Yay, this is totally awesome, thanks!

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