New from Typekit: Browse by list

Starting today, Typekit is rolling out a new way to browse fonts: lists. Lists have been curated by Typekit staff and feature an editorialized means of browsing. Each list features fonts organized by theme, intended use, or defining characteristic. Some of our favorite lists include a list of great rounded fonts, a list of fonts that are good for longform, and a list of condensed headline fonts.

Browse by list on Typekit

New on Typekit: browse by list.

Lists are a great place to start when you aren’t quite sure what font you’re after. Need something casual, but aren’t sure what that means? Start with the this list of casual fonts and see where it takes you. Tired of Georgia, but don’t know what else to use? Check out this list of good Georgia alternatives. Looking for something with impact, but daunted by the number of choices? See which fat faces are our favorites.

A list of our favorite fat faces

A list of our favorite fat faces.

A list of great condensed headline fonts

A list of great condensed headline fonts.

If you find a font you like, you can add it to your favorites or to a kit.

We’re starting with a small number of lists, with many more to come — take a look and let us know in the comments if there’s a list you’d love to see. Meanwhile, we’re continuing to work on a number of other projects, including improvements to search and more robust font detail pages — all of which will help you find and evaluate fonts quickly and expertly. Stay tuned!

5 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Thank you for this!

  2. That’s pretty amazing. You know what would be amazing?

    “Fonts that go well together”, or like “Palettes of fonts” (like what colourlovers do) 😀

  3. Great feature and one that will be most welcome! With so many fonts to choose from now, just being able to see what’s available is half the battle.

  4. Eric Miner says:

    I like it. I also agree with Alejandro that it would be even more useful to have an area where font combinations are shown and discussed. Anything to help us decide on which fonts to use would be great.

  5. Mandy Brown says:

    We hear you on the font combinations and are working on some things to that effect. Stay tuned!

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