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We’re glad to welcome even more Adobe fonts to the Typekit library. This latest batch introduces Tekton Pro (with Condensed and Extended) and includes new styles of Adobe Jenson Pro (Light Italic, Semibold Italic, Bold Italic), Arno Pro (Semibold Italic), Brioso Pro (Light Italic, Medium Italic, Semibold Italic), and Warnock Pro (Light Italic, Semibold Italic), as well as updates to all of Brioso’s existing styles — if you use Brioso, just republish your kit to receive the latest files.

Top to bottom: Tekton Pro Condensed Light, Tekton Pro Bold, and Tekton Pro Extended Regular

Inspired by architectural lettering, Tekton Pro couples technical precision with the informality of handwriting. Six styles and three widths ensure it’ll fit the bill, and PostScript-based outlines mean that it’s pen-drawn curves will look smooth at large sizes in Windows.

Upgrade to a Personal plan or higher for access to Warnock, or to a Portfolio plan for access to all of these Adobe fonts and more. If you’re already a Portfolio plan customer, enjoy the new fonts! If you’ve never given Typekit a try, sign up. It’s free, and upgrading is easy.

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