Improved Windows rendering for more Typekit fonts

Recently we began serving some fonts with PostScript-based outlines for better rendering on Windows. The improvement is dramatic at large sizes, so in rolling out this change to how fonts are served, we’ve focused on typefaces meant for display use — these Adobe faces are a great example.

Bree Web, TrueType outlines, GDI ClearType. Note the ugly stepping effect on curved strokes.

Bree Web: TrueType outlines on the left, PostScript on the right

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve updated more fonts to be served with PostScript-based outlines. Just republish your kits to receive the latest versions of Bree, Bistro Script, Museo Sans Rounded, and Quatro Slab.

Bistro Script: TrueType outlines on the left, PostScript on the right

Museo Sans Rounded: TrueType outlines on the left, PostScript on the right

Quatro Slab: TrueType outlines on the left, PostScript on the right

Republish your kits to get the latest. As part of our ongoing work to improve type rendering, we’ll continue to serve fonts with PostScript-based outlines where it makes the most sense. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for making my online CV even better! I really need to sign up to a portfolio plan soon.

  2. Richard Fink says:


    OK. I’m staying tuned. To pin you down further on the IE and XP issue – because developers (like me!) need to understand both the reach and the advantages and disadvantages of this technique – judging by the Browser Samples for, let’s say, Bree, Bree in IE8 on Windows 7 isn’t showing up with smoothing. Will this continue to be the case? (I am assuming a simple test with an installed system font that’s an OTF or TTF with PS outlines will tell the tale, right?)
    And to confirm: my understanding is that on IE in XP it’s an impossibility, right?



    1. Tim Brown says:

      Sure Rich, yes, that’s my understanding as well — on IE in XP, EOT fonts with PostScript outlines will not work. As for the IE8/Win7 screenshot, I’m not sure why it’s not being grayscale smoothed. I’ll regenerate the shot, it may not have updated.

  3. Great news! And thanks for the hard work getting these font rendering issues sorted. Can’t wait for the day when all fonts render perfectly on Windows – it would certainly make our development lives easier! 😉

  4. Luke Jones says:

    Fantastic work, really happy with it. Is there no way you can push a button on your side which clears the cache for EVERYONE’s kits so the changes are applied without the additional work on our side?

    I don’t mind re-publishing kits but that makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.

    1. Mandy Brown says:

      We’re working on tools for managing kits, and something akin to what you are suggesting is under consideration. Stay tuned!

    2. Luke Jones says:

      Great Mandy, thanks for responding 🙂

  5. Can we expect all fonts available in Typekit to receive this treatment? While display fonts are meant to be used at large size, I use other typefaces at large size too and they would benefit the same treatment.

    1. Tim Brown says:

      You can, Sylvain. We’re working on it. Our goal is to offer Typekit users the ability to choose the format that works best for any given typeset text. This involves further work behind the scenes (the ability to store/serve multiple formats simultaneously), as well as UX refinement that makes choices clear and addresses performance implications.

      Great question.

  6. bennett says:

    I use typekit, but I also sometimes use cufon because of the issues mentioned. This is great news, but will this be available for all fonts in the near future? I plan to continue using typekit to serve all my sites regardless, but it would be nice if I could ditch cufon altogether.

    1. Tim Brown says:

      Bennett, I know what you mean. It’ll be useful to have multiple outlines available whether or not a typeface was meant for display or text use. We’ll get there, though I can’t say exactly when.

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